Samsung Tab Hard Reset

December 14, 2018

Samsung Tab Hard Reset

Useful as a last step in troubleshooting. Be careful not to Factory Reset.

  1. Start with the device Turned OFF
  2. Press and Hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power button until the Android symbol appears. Select the Power button last to ensure it does not override the process and just reboot the device.
  3. You may see a screen that displays as 'No Command' it will disappear and take you to the recovery screen.
  4. Use the Power button to Select the option: 'Normal Reboot Now'



Video Transcript:

Welcome to the tutorial on how to perform a hard reset on a Samsung device.

0:08  To Begin, please ensure the device is turned off. Press and hold the volume up, home, and power buttons. Make sure you are pressing the power button last, as it can override the process if it is selected first.

0:21 Press and hold the buttons until you see an Android icon in the center of the screen.

0:27 You may see a pop up that displays No Command, this is normal and will disappear momentarily.

0:35 Next, you will see the recovery mode screen with Normal Reboot Now lit up. Use the Power Button to select this option and the device will reboot. Make sure you do not select the Wipe/Factory Reset option as this will cause you device to delete all applications and data and the device will need to be reconfigured.

0:58 Now the device is restarting and you have successfully performed a hard reset!

This tutorial was brought to you by eSquared Communications.

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