John Christner SOTI Migration

February 6, 2024
  1. Factory reset your device

    • Review the Factory reset to erase all apps and data section in this Samsung article.
      • Navigate to and open Settings, and then tap General Management.
      • Swipe to and tap Reset, then tap Factory data reset.
    • Wait for your device to finish factory resetting. You will know it’s done when you see a Welcome! screen.


  2. Go through device set-up

    • Your device will automatically start the process of enrolling into SOTI.
    • Allow/grant any permissions that are prompted. You will need to go through multiple of these screens.


  3. Once you finish going through the prompts, the device will start downloading SOTI

    • Give the device a few minutes to complete installing SOTI MobiControl.
    • You will start to see “pending actions.” Tap on each of the pending actions that appear.
    • If a pending action is asking for a permission to be granted, it will take you to the setting it needs if you tap on it.


  4. Work Apps

    • The device will also need some time to install all the applications like Weigh My Truck, Loves, etc. The icon will appear on the home screen when each app finishes installing. The image to the right is what a completed device will look like.

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