Email Issues Troubleshooting

December 26, 2018

Step 1 – From your home screen, select your “Settings” application.

Image result for settings button iphone

Step 2 – Scroll down until you see “Passwords and Accounts” (iOS 12) or “Accounts and Passwords” (iOS 11) and select it.

Step 3 – Click on your exchange email address.

Step 4 – At the bottom of the page, Click the red “Delete Account” Button.


Step 5 – Click “Delete from My iPhone” to confirm deletion.

Image result for iphone delete account

Step 6 – After deletion the device will return to the Passwords and Accounts screen. In the upper left-hand corner, click the Blue back button.

Step 7 – Scroll up to “General” and select it.

Step 8 – Scroll all the way to the bottom and select “Reset”

Step 9 – Select “Reset Network Reset”. This will reset the network settings and forget any passwords you might have entered and/or saved previously.

Image result for iphone network reset

Step 10 – Enter your passcode to continue with resetting the device. It will shut off for a minute or so and then come back on all by itself. Once it comes back on, Click on “Settings”.

Step 11 – Scroll down to “Passwords and Accounts” again.

Step 12 – Click “Add Account”

Step 13 – Select “Exchange”

Step 14 – Enter your email address. (You can leave the description as is, no need to change it)

Step 15 – When the screen pops up and asks you if you want to “Sign in” or “Configure Manually” Select “Sign In”.

Step 16 – It will prompt you for your password, enter your company issued password.

Step 17 – Finally, the last screen should show you Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes with a “Save” button, click "Save".

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