Why “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is on the Decline in 2021

You will be hard-pressed to find a job these days that doesn’t use technology or some sort of mobile device. With remote work on the rise, there’s a bigger question to answer; Provide devices to your team or have them bring their own personal device? Which is the right call? Many are not choosing BYOD and here’s why.  

What is BYOD? 

Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to when employees use their personal devices to connect to their organizational networks, systems, apps, etc. This could mean using personal smartphones, computers, tablets, or USB drives. Business users are granted high-level access from personal mobile devices which are effectively replacing the typical desktop computers. However, personal mobile devices don’t offer the same level of built-in security or control as the organization-owned desktop computers. Allowing employees to bring their own devices became popular because of the perception that it cut costs and increased productivity. Some studies also showed it boosted employee morale. So why is BYOD on the way out? 

Why BYOD is risky business 

With 100+ employees using their own devices with access to company systems, you are left with an incredible amount of entry points to sensitive dataYou are unable to ensure employees are updating security patches, operating software, and mobile apps. It’s also tough to make sure that the user is using secure networks and practicing smart online use. With employees using their personal devices, your company can be at risk for data theft from cybercriminals or even terminated employees. One wrong click on a SMishing or Phishing link or use of an unsecured network could allow cybercriminals access to your company data.

A few other risks of BYOD include: 

  • Malware infiltration 
  • Potential legal issues 
  • Inconvenienced by device loss, damage, or theft 
  • Poor mobile management 
  • IT issues 
  • Lack of device control 
  • Poor data backup management 
  • Terminated employee access 
  • Loss of productivity 
  • Hidden costs 

Why is the BYOD trend on the way out? 

Although many companies still use BYOD policies, more and more companies are realizing there is a more secure option. Companies are eliminating all risks by providing devices with mobile device management (MDM) software. Completely eliminate security risks and the headaches of hardware management by having an MDM partner like eSquared Communication Consulting! You can customize your team’s mobile device usage and ensure security.

You can limit what users download, apps they use, and track messaging so you can be alerted to suspicious activity immediately. eSquared can not only manage your devices but we can procure a selection of devices for you to choose from, store devices in our warehouse, and securely deploy devices to your team. Cut down your IT costs by utilizing eSquared’s award-winning 24/7 help desk to assist employees with any technical or security issue quickly and efficiently.  

Don’t get stuck in the past with BYOD policies! Connect with us today to learn more about our managed services!