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As high inflation and interest rates permeate through the economy, consumer wallets will continue to be stretched through 2023 as they burn through the $3.3 trillion in savings accumulated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts predict sales events to be a key driver for consumers in 2023 putting pressure on retailers to deliver even more value to their customers, and in the short-term, will weaken retailers’ razor-thin margins. Can Zebra and eSquared’s mobility solutions solve retailer
Struggling to make sense of your telecom bills? If you use several telecom providers and are consistently surprised by what you’re paying each billing cycle, telecom expense management with eSquared can help. Here’s a look at what telecom expense management is and how it can save your company money.  What Is Telecom Expense Management?  Telecom expense management, or TEM, is a service that allows a company to monitor and manage its telecom expenses from a
When it’s time to invest in mobile devices for your team, the first choice you need to make is between Apple and Android. At eSquared, we support both Apple and Android devices as part of our turnkey mobile device management services. The choice is entirely up to you, but eSquared can help you make an informed decision. So, should you choose Apple or Android for business? The Case for Apple Devices for Business  In August
Staying on top of operating system and other software updates is a vital component of keeping your mobile devices and company data safe and secure. Samsung has released Knox E-FOTA, a mobile device management product that helps you seamlessly update smart phone or tablet operating systems without the need for user interaction. Automating this process keeps your hardware up-to-date, secure, and efficient.  Samsung Knox E-FOTA Basics  Samsung Knox E-FOTA is a mobile device management tool

What Is MDM and Why Do You Need It?

Posted by Dani Thompson on  September 25, 2022
You may have heard the saying, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” eSquared’s spin on this adage is “you can’t manage what you can’t monitor.” How do you know if the mobile devices you’re paying for are being used as intended?   If you don’t know how many devices you have deployed, their location, and how they’re used, it is incredibly difficult to manage an efficient, secure, and cost-effective mobile device program. What’s more,