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  Cybercrimes are on the rise and getting more sophisticated. If your software company isn’t taking cyber threats seriously enough, you’re putting your data and your customers’ data in harm’s way. The world’s largest tech companies know the risk cybercrime poses to their data, reputations, and bottom lines. That’s why many have implemented a security bounty program—also known as a bug bounty program—to identify vulnerabilities.   Never heard of a security bounty? eSquared has your back.
  Schools have undergone tremendous changes in how students learn these last few years. To maintain a high standard for learning in the classroom and out, school district leaders must continue to expand the digital learning infrastructure on their campuses. Federal funding through the Emergency Connectivity Fund has provided the funding for many digital ecosystem projects.  Creating Your School’s Digital Ecosystem  Digital ecosystems for schools have grown past simply providing a Wi-Fi connection in classrooms.
Have you allocated 2022 expenses for new mobile devices for your business? At eSquared, we ask our customers five essential questions before recommending hardware and wireless plans that best fit their company and communication needs. 1. What Brand of Tablet Should I Buy? It depends on your preferred operating system. If your business runs on Apple’s iOS platform, then you are limited to Apple devices, such as iPads and iPhones. If you run on Google’s
Geofencing is an exciting technology that helps companies manage where and how their workers access company tools and data on their mobile devices. Here’s what you need to know about this game-changing technology.  What Is Geofencing?  Think of geofencing as a digital fence around your work site. When workers are inside the fence, they can access your company’s tools and data on their mobile devices. When they are outside the fence, certain apps and tools no
    Supply chain issues have roiled the construction industry for more than a year. Nearly every contractor has experienced the headache of waiting for materials to ship from abroad or having domestic materials delayed because a raw material is unavailable. It can be tough to keep inventory straight, not to mention manage customer expectations and timelines.   That’s why many companies have adopted construction SaaS solutions for their supply chain challenges. This presents an opportunity