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Supply chain shortages are blocking multiple industries. What does that mean for you and your business? Right now, we live in a world of scarcity. Unfortunately, many industries are running low on major supplies. Some of the most important resources are available in limited capacity. Lumber, gasoline, metal, steel, ketchup—we’re dry on the things we use the most. Unfortunately, the demand hasn’t slowed down. With shortages popping up all over the globe, it’s time to preserve
Like many average working Americans, you likely do not have someone at your beck and call to handle all your tasks, make your doctor appointments, and remind you to pick up milk on the way home. While having a personal assistant may sound appealing, it is a luxury that’s out of reach for many. However, thanks to advances in technology, everyone can now enjoy the benefits of a personal assistant right on their phones. With
To stay competitive, it’s important to keep up with your industry’s latest technological advances. But staying up to date with the latest software trends can take a lot of time and resources, and new tech can be expensive to purchase and maintain.   Software expenses can be hard on your budget. However, you can find affordable options if you know where to look and work with the right experts. Here are three tricks we recommend to our clients
iPhone Secret Settings & Features
Look into the hands of any person in a café or restaurant and you’re bound to see a mobile device. The time before the smartphones feels distant but it was not that long ago. One of the most iconic and influential smartphones came from Apple creator, Steve Jobs. The very first iPhone was released in 2007, paving the way for smarter, touchscreen devices with internet. With the rise in technology came other smart devices such
Accelerating your business with technology that drives you forward There’s nothing quite like the work of a professional tradesman. Whether it’s plumbing, HVAC, or electrical work, there’s a massive responsibility resting on the shoulders of people working for field service companies. The work strikes an intense balance of manual labor and technical assignments. How does a technician manage everything? From managing quotes to coordinating timelines, it takes a variety of skills to complete a job