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What Is MDM and Why Do You Need It?

Posted by Dani Thompson on  September 25, 2022
You may have heard the saying, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” eSquared’s spin on this adage is “you can’t manage what you can’t monitor.” How do you know if the mobile devices you’re paying for are being used as intended?   If you don’t know how many devices you have deployed, their location, and how they’re used, it is incredibly difficult to manage an efficient, secure, and cost-effective mobile device program. What’s more,

What is Lifecycle Management?

Posted by Dani Thompson on  August 8, 2022
As anyone who works with technology knows, every piece of hardware and software eventually becomes obsolete. If your smartphone is frustratingly slow or your tablet has a cracked screen, then these devices are likely at the end of their lifecycles. Lifecycle management is the process of how companies manage device implementation through retirement. Here’s what you need to know about lifecycle management and how it can help your operations stay efficient and cost-effective.   So, My
Last year, experts estimated that people worldwide threw away an astounding 63.3 million tons of electronic waste. Unfortunately, most of this waste ends up in landfills, despite the hazardous, valuable, and reusable materials they contain. In 2019, just 17 percent of electronic waste was recycled. eSquared is working to change all that.  Recycling electronic devices is an important step in the mobile device lifecycle. Gently used devices can be refurbished and sold to organizations or
5G is here, and it’s up to 10 times faster than current LTE-4G networks. With this vast improvement in connectivity, the switch to 5G will have an enormous effect on trucking, transportation, and the mobility industry generally. Are you and your fleet ready?   The switch to 5G will provide numerous benefits for fleets and the mobility industry. The network features higher bandwidths and faster data transmission than previous versions. This offers users a highly reliable
There are dozens of device options if you’re looking to mobilize your Construction business. It’s important to equip your technicians with the right devices to withstand the elements of working in the field. When choosing mobile devices for construction, consider: 1. Portability of the Mobile Devices Mobile devices are inherently portable (the word “mobile” is in their name, after all!), but that doesn’t mean that every device is ideal for use on a construction site.