Overcome Driver App Fatigue with These Tips

When it comes to fleet management, there’s an app for everything. Driver’s devices are filled with apps that were supposed to make their jobs easier and more efficient. Instead, drivers are getting bogged down trying to manage more than a dozen apps at a time. It can be a frustrating experience that slows drivers down and makes them angry. This problem is called app fatigue, and fortunately for drivers and fleet owners, it is possible to fight it. Here’s how. 

Defining App Fatigue 

We’ve all experienced app fatigue in our lives. It is certainly not a problem unique to drivers. Apps buzz, ding, and interrupt our days and our concentrationMost of us have dozens of apps downloaded on our tablets and smartphones. Within business, it can be difficult to find apps that work for every situation. With so many apps, we eventually start to ignore app notifications. Our frustration with the apps may even make it into conversations with colleagues and friends.  

This situation is all too familiar for fleet drivers. In fact, they may have it worse than most of us. Surveys of workers have found that most employees are happy to use up to five work apps. But the average driver manages fourteen apps between their phone, ELD, and other mobile devices. These apps range from required, such as fleet management apps and ELD compliance apps, to convenient, including maintenance and service trackers, payment platforms, and communication tools.  

All these apps are intended to make drivers’ lives easier. However, they often make fleet drivers frustrated and less efficient, just the opposite of what they promise. 

App Fatigue Tip #1: Acknowledge the Problem 

Many fleet owners may not even be aware that app fatigue is a problem. They are not in the driver’s seat every day, fighting with more than a dozen apps. Savvy fleet owners can get ahead of their competition simply by acknowledging the problem, seeking driver input, and taking steps to cut down on apps. This can help attract and retain good drivers and make drivers more likely to embrace new technologies that will cut down on the number of apps on their devices.   

App Fatigue Tip #2: Integrate and Automate 

Did you know that by 2023, experts predict 30 percent of freight dispatch will occur without human intervention? App-driven software will be a major component of this change. Fleet owners can help facilitate the process by taking steps to integrate and automate the apps they currently use. An app audit may reveal underutilized integrations that could cut back on driver data entry or unused apps that can be eliminated entirely.  

One of eSquared’s partner software providers centralizes hundreds of tasks from various tools into a single app. From one dashboard, drivers can scan documents, report accidents, or track their trailer. Since the app integrates with other apps, including apps from shippers, brokers, and carriers, drivers do not have to re-enter data. Fleet owners can work with eSquared to identify which app solution is the right integration tool for their fleet. 

App Fatigue Tip #3: Don’t Go It Alone 

It is tough to work in a bubble. Many fleet owners and their drivers think they’re the only ones with an app fatigue issue. Telematics and mobile fleet service providers like eSquared are important allies for fleet owners. Our technology experts will listen to you and your drivers’ challenges and needs and develop a customized telematics and mobile device solution that cuts back on app fatigue.  

Before you try to piece a solution together by yourself, get in touch with the experienced and knowledgeable team at eSquared. We can suggest fleet management and other solutions that will help you reduce app fatigue among your drivers and improve efficiency.