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New Wireless and Data Technologies for Construction Jobsites

Construction crews are more connected now than they ever have been before. Regardless of how far away a project is from headquarters, mobile devices and cloud-based solutions make it easy for construction project managers to stay in touch with their teams, manage materials, and improve worker safety. 

Industry experts predict mobile devices and wearable tech will continue to improve productivity and communication at construction jobsites. It will be more important than ever for construction companies to invest in wireless and data plans that are reliable and scalable as their workforce grows.    

Mobile Devices & Wearable Tech at the Construction Jobsite 

Deploying mobile devices at the construction site can improve productivity and make it easier for project managers to oversee jobsites, especially if working remotely. Arming workers with smartphones and tablets improves communication and empowers them to provide real-time updates to the project manager. Many construction companies are also incorporating wearable technologies, such as smartwatches, 3-D glasses, and armbands, to improve crew safety and allow workers to communicate without looking down or away from the task at hand. 

Mobile devices offer several advantages for project managers, too. Real-time updates from crews in the field make remote site monitoring much easier and more effective, and may reduce the number of on-site visits required throughout the project. Mobile devices with GPS also allow managers to track the location of personnel, fleet vehicles, and equipment for a safer and more secure jobsite. These devices have also revolutionized how surveyors complete their work. 

Managing mobile devices can be challenging without expert help. Rather than try to manage mobile devices on their own, construction companies should outsource the procurement, kitting, and deployment of their mobile devices to a professional mobile device management team like eSquared. 

Cloud-Based Construction Software 

Mobile devices make it possible to bring cloud-based project management software to the jobsite. Cloud-based software allows teams to stay in constant communication and provide real-time updates about project progress and any challenges that arise. Improving communication in this way empowers project managers to minimize work delays and increased costs from unexpected challenges onsite. 

Wireless and Data Plan to Power It All 

As mobile devices and cloud-based solutions become the norm on construction jobsites, reliable and robust voice, data, and wireless plans are absolutely essential. A mobility solutions company can provide high-speed 5G internet to up to 12 acres of construction jobsite as well as manage the procurement, kitting, deployment, and support for all of a company’s mobile devices.  

The wireless, data, and mobile device experts at eSquared can provide all of these services as well as award-winning 24/7 support for you and your teams in the field. With our telecom expense management service, we can help you find affordable wireless, voice, and data plans that can save you 20 percent or more. Get pricing and talk with an expert today