How to Prevent Data Leakage

How to Prevent Data Leakage

In today’s technology-driven world, essentially all businesses collect personal data which is often stored virtually on the cloud or within a database. Gone are the days of paper files but here are the days of data breaches and cybercriminals! Businesses of every size are at risk which is why it is important to take steps to prevent data leakage. 

What Causes Data Leakage? 

Mobility within business is more important than ever and cybercriminals are keen to this. They are able to target and attack our computers and mobile devices. Mobile applications are often the leading cause of unintentional data leakage.

For example, “riskware” apps pose a real problem for mobile users who grant them broad permissions without checking the security risks and terms. These “riskware” apps are typically free apps found in official app stores that perform as advertised, but also send personal and potentially corporate data to a remote server, where it is mined by advertisers, and sometimes, by cybercriminals. 

Data leakage can also happen through hostile enterprise-signed mobile apps. These mobile malware programs use distribution code native to popular mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. They then move valuable data across corporate networks without raising any red flags. 

How Do I Prevent Data Leakage? 

To avoid data leakage:

  • Only give apps the permissions that they absolutely need in order to properly function.
  • Steer clear of any apps that asks for more than necessary.
  • Never automatically allow apps to use your GPS, Bluetooth, camera, or microphone without reading why.
  • When not using the apps, turn those permissions off.

The September 2019 updates for Android and Apple iOS both added protocols to ensure users were more aware of why apps collect users’ location data because it was becoming such an issue. Reading the fine print before downloading apps may save you some trouble down the road. 

Beyond mobile apps, be careful of using unsecure wireless networks. Using “free” Wi-Fi that doesn’t require a password means you are using an unsecured, public, open-sourced network and your information can be exposed unwittingly.

The Ultimate Way to Prevent Data Leakage!

Many of these issues can be mitigated if not eliminated by having a professionally managed MDM software tool that enforces the mobile device to stay up-to-date to address security gaps. Having an MDM partner such as eSquared Communication Consulting you can go even further by customizing your team’s mobile device usage. We offer you the ability to have locked down mobile devices via web filter routing, web filter restrictions, APP install restrictions, and customized usage control settings. eSquared can manage your devices from a single point of control to provide you the ability to update, lock, or wipe a device remotely. We also provide a 24/7 help desk that can assist with any technical or security issue quickly and efficiently. 

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