3 Reasons You Should Consider Burying your End of Life Devices

Technology moves at the pace of an Olympic sprinter, leaving many unable to follow every new development. Because you upgraded only a few years ago, new device releases may feel unnecessary and costly. Suddenly you start to hear the whispers that many businesses dread; “end of life.” The technology you rely on to keep your business running and your team productive is now on its deathbed. What do you do? First, let’s understand what “end of life” means. 

What Does End of Life Mean? 

The term end of life (EOL) stems from a device or software that will soon be unsupported. When the manufacturer deems the technology to be outdated and development has ceased, this qualifies the product to be at the end of its life. What this means is that the manufacturer will no longer be developing improvements, pushing updates, or providing technical support once the product has been retired. 

You may be thinking, “Big deal! Why should I replace them if they still work?” While your devices may currently be running, by continuing to use devices that have reached the end of life, you may be setting yourself up for potential challenges down the road. Here are three reasons you should consider burying your EOL devices.  

1. Performance & Compatibility 

If your devices are currently functioning, you may consider ignoring an EOL announcement. With a personal device, you might be able to get away with draining whatever life is left before upgrading. However, there is more risk involved with business devices. Eventually, your device will likely start performing at a slower rate and may no longer be compatible with new technology and applications. 

You may start to notice your battery capacity decreases at a much faster rate, which can be a pain when working in the field or on the road. What happens when you misplace or forget your charger? Operational issues can begin to occur as well. For instance, your applications may crash, your device may power off on its own, and other unprompted glitches may occur. If your business relies on mobile equipment for your day-to-day, slow performance, glitches, poor battery life, and incompatibility with newer versions of important applications can affect productivity. A halt in productivity is money out of your pocket and could cost opportunities and credibility.  

2. Lack of Support 

The applications you use in your day-to-day operations won’t stop crashing and your phone randomly powers off. It’s irritating and you can’t get tasks accomplished. You call your carrier or manufacturer for support, only to find out they don’t have any answers for you. 

If and when problems arise, an EOL device will not have the appropriate warranties or technical support for troubleshooting or replacing your system. You may get lucky and find a helpful representative or third-party service to troubleshoot the issues, but it’s likely a temporary fix and the issues may return. 

Not only will you lack technical support from your provider, but your device will no longer receive the appropriate security and operating system updates. The main risk of not keeping your devices up to date is security vulnerabilities. You leave yourself more open to malware, bugs, and hackers trying to access and steal valuable information when you rely on EOL devices that aren’t receiving security and operating updates.  

3. Increased Costs 

We’ve all been there before. It happens suddenly. You go to grab your device, but it slips out of your grasp and falls screen down on the ground. Your heart is racing as you pick it up, hoping the screen protector did its job only to discover…it didn’t.  

Once your system is EOL your warranties and support will end with no option to renew. This can create costly and sometimes impossible repairs or replacements when something breaks. After a period of time, devices that have reached the end will no longer be produced and distributed by the manufacturers. You will likely have to rely on third party technicians or refurbished device replacements. Over time it becomes more straining to source equipment and find third parties who are willing to service dated technology. In the long run, you end up spending more to keep your older devices functioning.  

Perks of Upgrading 

When manufacturers deem devices as EOL it can feel like a scheme to force consumers into purchasing new, expensive devices. However, that isn’t usually the case. End of life is often the product of major advances that have been made for new functionality and better hardware or software. It may also be that the manufacturer is repositioning themselves away from certain systems, much like BlackBerry did in 2016.  

Most carriers and manufacturers suggest upgrading your technology every 3-5 years to avoid end of life issues altogether. Though it can certainly feel expensive to keep up with technology these days, when your devices reach the end, it’s often best to upgrade and ensure safety and stability. 

Upgrading your devices doesn’t have to break the bank either. There are multiple ways to find savings. One way is to trade in or sell your used devices for cash or discounts towards the new purchase. The best way to find savings is to choose an impartial partner who can help you compare and source device options, save on telecom expenses, and provide ongoing support so you don’t have to deal with the long wait times associated with calling the manufactures and carriers. 

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