Don’t Ghost Software Updates

Are you ghosting your software updates? It’s common for people to ghost updates due to misconceptions or inconvenience. No one wants their streaming, social browsing, or work interrupted. Whether it’s a personal or company device, software updates often go ignored. The truth is, the benefits of software updates outweigh the cons. They can fix bugs, offer new features, emojis, and most importantlyfix security flaws. This is definitely a ‘to do you don’t want to ignore and here’s why.  


A pop-up message interrupts your Candy Crush at an inconvenient time. What a nuisance! You quickly dismiss it and continue on with your game play. Little do you know that you may be setting yourself up for a malicious cyberattack! Protecting your software whether for business or entertainment is crucial. Hackers and cybercriminals work relentlessly to pick through code in search of potential vulnerabilities. As threats develop, software developers quickly create patches to mitigate them. Ignoring important updates leaves the door wide open for uninvited guests to wander in. You should protect your devices and online activities where private and important information is stored. The next time you ignore an update you could be setting yourself up for apps to deliver malware to your device unwittingly. 

Bug Fixes 

A “bug” may sound serious but it’s typically not a threat, more so it is an unintended mistake made by a programmer. Bugs cause unexpected results and errors within programs and applications. Many consumers will report these glitches and errors so that the developers can fix and improve the program or app through a software update. Though bug fixes aren’t required for your safety, they do help enhance and improve the performance of the programs and applications you use on a regular basis. The only way to get rid of a bug problem is to regularly update your programs and apps! 

New Features 

It’s typical for software developers to release new versions of their operating systems or apps which often result in cool new functionality, features, emojis, and overall better performance. You won’t be able to take advantage of these new features if you ignore your updates.  

Stay Up to Date! 

If you want your device to run at its best, and most importantly, stay protected against malicious threats and attacks, then you need to keep your date with your software and operating system updates. 

Take the worry off your plate by having an MDM partner like eSquared Communication ConsultingWith a partner like eSquared, you won’t have to worry about updates. We will automatically execute updates (you approve before the update automatically happens) for you and your entire team. eSquared will manage your devices from a single point of control, provide the latest security operating system to prevent OS security gaps, and provide you the ability to lock or wipe a device remotely. We also provide a 24/7 help desk that can assist with any technical or security issue quickly and efficiently.  

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