3 Tips for Implementing New Business Software

To stay competitive, it’s important to keep up with your industry’s latest technological advances. But staying up to date with the latest software trends can take a lot of time and resources, and new tech can be expensive to purchase and maintain.  

Software expenses can be hard on your budget. However, you can find affordable options if you know where to look and work with the right experts. Here are three tricks we recommend to our clients that may make it easier for your business to implement the latest software innovations and drive future growth. 

1. Save with Robust TEM Software

Telecom expense management or TEM software helps you manage your monthly wireless, voice, and data expenses. It can streamline your inventory management and device procurement as well as telecom invoicing and expenses. Most TEM software solutions also offer usage management and chargeback to save you money month-to-month. On average, TEM software can shave 15 to 30 percent off your existing wireless, voice, and data spend.  

TEM software experts often find hidden savings that wireless, voice, and data carriers will not proactively share with their customers. Start saving 20 percent or more on your telecom expenses with TEM software solutions from eSquared and put the savings toward your software budget. 

2. Implement Best-in-Class MDM Software

Mobile device management (MDM) software helps you manage your inventory of mobile devices. Be secure with usage controls, custom settings, and control all of your devices from a single point of controlMDM software goes a step further, allowing for remote takeover of devices by a support technician to ensure they are secure, appropriately configured, continuously updated, and compliant with company policies and other requirements. MDM software prevents data loss and theft, unauthorized device access, and unapproved software installations.  

Selecting the right MDM software solution allows you to provide immediate support for all field users at the touch of a button. This remote assistance empowers you to fix software issues in the field as they arise, saving costly downtime and increasing productivity. 

3. Work with a Business Software Integration Partner

An integrator is a business software expert who assists you in implementing software solutions, from helping you select the best hardware options and provisioning your new devices with all required business software to offering 24/7 remote support. In short, an integrator takes care of burdensome procurement, installation, and device and software management tasks that can slow your team down. 

Outsourcing this work to an expert can help you cut your internal IT costs and save you from hiring a part-time or full-time employee. An integrator will help you replace outdated technologies that require constant troubleshooting and labor with cutting-edge solutions that will uncover additional efficiencies and cost savings and keep your team up and running. 

eSquared offers best-in-class integrator support for an affordable monthly subscription. We work with you to implement TEM and MDM solutions to help you save costs while delivering superb software implementation and 24/7 help desk support for you and your team. Partner with us to integrate the latest business software solutions and keep your team productive and profitable.