White Glove Service

At eSquared Communications, our team and our approach to customer service set us apart from the rest. Our mission is to go above and beyond what we deliver to our customers – we refer to this as “white glove” service. This core tenet is introduced to new employees on day one and integrate it into our daily work.

What does white glove service mean to you?” Read on to learn how our team members respond.

Jacob Davis, Partner Account Manager 

White glove service is going beyond the standard expectations for service. For me, it’s everything you do to bring value to the end customer–from keeping them updated on a project’s progress to just checking in to make sure they are happy. Providing white glove is part of our culture at eSquared and we work together as a company to deliver it to our customers.

Antonio Cypert, Software Development Team Lead

White glove service is adding that personal touch when working with customers. We have a feature that our Help Desk uses, which we call screen pops. These notifications contain the caller’s name, their callback number, the information of the device or equipment the’re calling about, and even the last five tickets that caller submitted, which helps tremendously with preventing the caller from having to repeat information. This solution enables an agent to know the person calling in, before ever speaking to them, which in turn allows the agent to greet the caller more appropriately. This personal touch helps build that rapport much sooner and demonstrates a higher level of professionalism.

Akeel Kasam, Wireless Billing Supervisor

White glove service to me is about offering the analytics that customers need, in the simplest way possible. We are able to do this by leveraging PowerBI, Microsoft’s cutting edge business visualization tool. With PowerBI, we are able to provide our customers with a holistic view of their wireless usage. Customers  have the ability to drill-down or customize their reporting by a variety of categories like device type, carrier, business division. This in-depth reporting surpasses what carriers can offer and provides data that our customers can act on.

Erin Miller, Help Desk Team Lead

White glove service in and of itself is doing more than what’s expected. However, it’s also this mindset I learned at a previous company, “L.E.A.F”. Listen, Empathize, Apologize, and Fix. We listen to the customer and hear them out on their struggles, empathize by temporarily putting ourselves in their shoes to truly understand their plight, apologize by taking responsibility and holding ourselves accountable wherever we’re able to do so, and fix whatever issue the customer is dealing with, or offer a resolution that’s within reason.

Anthony “Tony” Ordaz, Customer Success Manager

White glove service is a way that we go that extra mile to show customers that we are invested in and committed to their success. No matter what customers are facing, we want them to know that we will support them along the way and persevere because we truly care.


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