What Is Telecom Expense Management (TEM)?

Struggling to make sense of your telecom bills? If you use several telecom providers and are consistently surprised by what you’re paying each billing cycle, telecom expense management with eSquared can help. Here’s a look at what telecom expense management is and how it can save your company money. 

What Is Telecom Expense Management? 

Telecom expense management, or TEM, is a service that allows a company to monitor and manage its telecom expenses from a single dashboard. If you have significant telecom costs, TEM can help you understand your current telecom spend and how to plan for future expenses.  

Most TEM solutions integrate expenses from your company’s wireless plan, voice services, and data services. It can also include your onsite ethernet and your cloud technology costs, such as cloud-based server expenses. If you use several different telecom services, TEM is an essential tool to understanding your telecom usage and controlling costs. 

What Are the Benefits of TEM? 

The primary benefit of using TEM at your company is uncovering ways to save on your telecom bills. A TEM system collects data on your telecom service usage. Armed with this data, you can find opportunities to save money by eliminating underutilized services and correcting overcharges, discrepancies, and violations of your telecom contracts. If you work with a TEM provider like eSquared, we can help you negotiate better terms with your telecom vendors.  

Two big benefits of a TEM system is to control and forecast telecom spending. TEM provides historical data about your telecom usage that you can use to plan for your future spending, even when your costs fluctuate or a company’s billing practices change. What’s more, you can take this data and break down your spending by department to see exactly where you’re telecom dollars are being spent. This can help build more realistic telecom budgets for individual departments and optimize your telecom spend. 

Who Can Use TEM? 

TEM is ideal for companies and other organizations that use several different telecom services. eSquared can provide turnkey TEM services for companies in the construction, transportation, health care, and technology industries as well as schools and other educational organizations. Often, our clients manage multiple telecom services across multiple sites. The more complicated your telecom situation is, the more we can help you.  

Outsource Your TEM Responsibilities 

Understanding all of your telecom expenses and scouring your bills for savings opportunities can take considerable time. That’s why many companies choose to outsource their telecom expense management to an experienced team like eSquared. At eSquared, our experts will work with you to identify all of your telecom spends, scrutinize your bills, and uncover opportunities for savings. We will also negotiate with your providers to bring down your costs. We provide continuous monitoring of your telecom expenses through our TEM dashboard so you always have a pulse on your telecom spend. 

If it’s time for you get a handle on your telecom expenses, get in touch with eSquared today for expert advice and turnkey TEM solutions. We can help you understand your options and choose the tool that’s the right fit for your team and your operations.