What Is Samsung Knox E-FOTA and Why Is It Important?

Staying on top of operating system and other software updates is a vital component of keeping your mobile devices and company data safe and secure. Samsung has released Knox E-FOTA, a mobile device management product that helps you seamlessly update smart phone or tablet operating systems without the need for user interaction. Automating this process keeps your hardware up-to-date, secure, and efficient. 

Samsung Knox E-FOTA Basics 

Samsung Knox E-FOTA is a mobile device management tool for rolling out updates to Android operating system software on fleets of mobile devices. The tool is designed to help companies ensure that system updates are deployed consistently and correctly while minimizing interruptions to users.  

To accomplish this, Knox E-FOTA allows companies to choose the operating system version to deploy onto devices. It is common for new operating systems to cause proprietary software and apps to temporarily break. With Knox E-FOTA, companies can choose to update to the new operating system, stay on their current version, or revert back to a previous version of the operating system. 

The management tool also allows companies to beta test updates, rolling them out to a limit number of devices to see how the new version of the operating system interacts with other software and apps. This gives IT teams the chance to make updates to their proprietary software before updating the operating system across an entire fleet of devices.  

Ensure Compliance with Required Updates 

Once a company has decided to move forward with a new operating system version, Knox E-FOTA can automate the update, removing the need for employees to take action. This eliminates one major bottleneck in rolling out updates across devices: end users dragging their feet on installing updates. The Knox E-FOTA dashboard allows device managers to see which devices have been updated and which ones are still outstanding.  

Schedule Updates During Downtime 

Most workers have experienced an ill-timed system update that interrupts their work day. With Knox E-FOTA, companies can schedule updates outside of work hours or other convenient times. This may include when devices are charging or when they are on a Wi-Fi network. These conditions ensure that phones have the necessary battery life to install the update and can help companies save on data usage. 

Knox E-FOTA Available for Samsung Users 

Knox E-FOTA is available for companies with Samsung devices. To take advantage of the program, companies must be running Knox version 2.5 or higher. Knox is a security platform that is built into Samsung devices that can be managed with mobile device management tools. The Knox platform is available on dozens of Samsung smartphones and tablets.  

If you are managing Samsung devices and are concerned with how operating system updates may affect your proprietary software and your team’s productivity, eSquared can help. Our expert team knows Knox E-FOTA inside and out. We can deliver a turnkey mobile device management solution for you that incorporates Knox E-FOTA’s operating system updates to ensure your devices are protected by the latest security updates while still being able to run all software and apps your team needs.   

Get in touch with eSquared today to start the conversation. We can help you understand your options and show you how to integrate Knox E-FOTA into your mobile device management.