Top 5 Ways to Use Mobile Devices for Business

Mobile devices have not only changed our personal lives, but they have also changed our professional lives. An ever increasing number of businesses have turned to mobile devices to carry out their various operations. The adoption of mobile technology has improved business productivity, while also providing the workforce a higher level of flexibility. But what are the best ways to use mobile devices that allow your business to get the most out of them?

Improving Business Operations With Mobile Devices

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices may be widely used by companies around the world, but they aren’t often used in the most efficient way. If you’re only using your mobile technology for making calls and receiving emails, then you’re missing out. Failing to maximize the potential of your gadgets can keep your team from being as productive as they could be.

Here are five of the best ways to use your mobile devices for business to improve your operations, generate more revenue, and boost your bottom line:

Track and Manage Business Expenses

Mobile app stores have come a long way since their early days. These stores aren’t just filled with games and social media apps—many useful business productivity tools can be found there as well. Applications like Expensify or BizExpense give users the ability to easily track and manage expenses by scanning or photographing receipts and organizing them in the cloud.

Train Your Employees

The best way to understand organizational processes or learn new skills is by participating in an immersive educational course. This can include taking part in webinars, taking tests, viewing instructional videos, and more. The opportunities for professional growth are endless with mobile devices, not to mention training and education can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Make Presentations

While you may be used to working on your desktop for bigger projects, laptops and tablets are perfect tools for making presentations, especially impromptu presentations. These devices have everything you need to put together a demonstration to win over clients or inform your team on sales projections for the month.

Accept Payments

In today’s business world, reaching out to customers where they are can be highly beneficial to business. However, while you’re out in the field, you most likely won’t have access to the equipment you need to take credit or debit payments. This is a big problem, considering the number of people who still carry cash around has dropped drastically over the years. Tools like Square or PayPal Here convert your mobile devices into card readers so you can accept credit and debit card payments wherever you are. This means you won’t have to turn down customers who don’t have cash on hand.

Collect Signatures

One of the most common struggles in business is the agonizing wait to get people to sign off on paperwork. Fortunately, digital document signing applications have made the process of signing contracts or other paperwork quicker and easier. As you know, the faster paperwork is signed, the sooner you can get to work.

Get the Mobile Devices Your Business Needs

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