SaaS—The Right Business Move

How SaaS Integrations Can Transform Your Business

After a memorable 2020, it’s safe to say that most businesses found their way to the cloud. By tapping into the advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS), you have an easier way to market and sell your products. But that’s not the only advantage this cloud-based service offers. While you may think initial investment might seem steep, we trust you’ll be satisfied with the payoff.

The goal is to elevate your business, and a SaaS model offers the following benefits to do so:

Cost Savings

Implementing SaaS won’t strain your capital. Many free apps are available to install. Popular models include Google Apps, WeTransfer, and Dropbox. And if you want to unlock more features, you opt into the premium version for cheap. The best part? No maintenance fees, low installation cost, and affordable subscription plans based on your needs. For long-term savings, consider a partnership with leading SaaS provider, eSquared Communication Consulting.

Integratable Technology

Unlike traditional software, SaaS apps can easily integrate into your current systems. Since most of these programs don’t need to be installed, they don’t require high-end specifications. Only two tools are needed: a safe web browser and a stable internet connection.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Mobility is an upward trend, so it’s crucial to implement a SaaS model that can be activated when you’re on the go. Fortunately, a majority of the programs are compatible with all mobile devices. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you have an easy way to access important data from virtually anywhere.

As your partner, e2 has you covered with full lifecycle management. Our experts provide a customized fleet of solutions to decrease costs and downtime. Offerings include:

  • Mobile procurement and provisioning
  • MDM procurement and setup
  • Project management and transition
  • Asset management

And with a full warehouse management system and a 24/7 help desk, we’re there to help you maintain an edge. Not only can we troubleshoot issues relating to your hardware, software, operating systems, and MDM applications, but we execute a smooth fulfillment process so you can focus on what matters most.

Collaboration Features

The beautiful thing about SaaS products is that they foster team collaboration. Using a SaaS app, users can communicate with each other through a variety of mediums. These tools give each team member the ability to leave comments, update action items, upload and share files, and assign tasks on projects.

Strong Data Security

Ironically, on-site software poses more risks than most SaaS applications. While the cloud-based product is integrated into your system, it doesn’t provide the same security concerns to your data. Take advantage of additional security with mobile device management, which offers features such as:

  • Application blacklisting/whitelisting
  • Malware protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Password encryption
  • Access control

You don’t have to perform routine maintenance checks to secure your information. Its the third-party provider who’s responsible for activating the latest security updates.

High Scalability

Limited features holding you back? When your business is growing, you can scale your SaaS applications based on your needs. For just a small premium, you can expand your data storage, increase your number of users, and gain access to premium features and tools.

Seamless Onboarding

Installing a SaaS program couldn’t be easier. The speed of deployment is impeccably fast. No longer do you have to wait for the IT department to configure software on each device. From the moment you go online, the program will be ready for use.

Streamline the Implementation Process

Let’s recap. The popularity of SaaS is growing at a steady pace. As many businesses look towards the cloud, most are capitalizing on the simplicity of a subscription-based SaaS solution. While many programs can fulfill your business’s organizational requirements, there are better options available for you. As an experienced telecom management company, eSquared Communication Consulting promises an industry-specific, robust, and cost-effective system based on your needs.

Ready to take advantage of a custom SaaS-based solution that deploys quickly and offers lower upfront cost and zero risks? With our partnership solution, you receive long-term benefits of:

  • Cost savings on software
  • Seamless implementations
  • Customer-friendly applications
  • Ongoing support staff

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