Prevent Your Drivers from Hanging Up their Keys

The world of transportation and trucking is one of importance. The products we use or consume in our daily lives are easily accessible because of truck drivers. The trucking industry is crucial to our nation’s economy yet it’s facing a myriad of challengesCurrently, there is a real competition happening in the trucking industry. Companies are searching for ways to entice and retain experienced drivers. eSquared has the secret to driving results and we’re willing to spill the beans! 

Importance of Trucking 

Professional truck drivers undertake one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs. More than 75% of all goods in the U.S are moved by trucks. The trucking industry touches nearly every other industry and has a serious influence on the nation’s economy. This industry delivers materials to produce products, food to our grocers so that we can eat, and goods to the marketplace. Without people willing to drive and haul the freight, our economy would suffer. This is why the industry is desperate to not only retain but recruit drivers.  

Challenges of Trucking 

The trucking industry has its fair share of challenges. The main being: 

  • Driver shortage 
  • Hours of service 
  • Driver compensation 
  • Detention/delay at customer facilities 
  • Truck parking 
  • Driver retention 
  • ELD mandate 
  • CSA 
  • Transportation infrastructure/congestion/funding 
  • The economy 

Because of these challenges, the industry struggles to retain drivers but the more the economy changes and grows, the more drivers we need to deliver the goods. Though the trucking industry is facing a myriad of challenges, they are finding new opportunities for improvement. In an effort to increase the number of people earning their CDL and enter into good-paying positions, the FMCSA has programs underway to open the door for younger drivers to begin hauling freight on interstates. 

Competing for Drivers 

In 2017 the industry experienced a shortage of 50,000 drivers across the country and the shortages continue to be an issue in 2021With COVID-19 hitting in 2020, the economy took a hit, leaving many truckers out of work. Though the economy has begun to make a comeback, the truck drivers have not. Many have decided to retire or hang up their keys due to frustration with ELDs, automated transmissions, and other various factors. 

Truck driving isn’t for the faint of heart. Between unpredictable schedules, long periods of time away from family, and dangerous driving conditions, drivers are struggling to see the benefits of staying on the road. Despite these drawbacks, the industry is aggressively practicing driver-led incentives for retainment and growth. Some companies are offering in-cab training, streaming/hotspot services, driver appreciation messages, and pay raises. So how do you set your company apart from the competition? 

How eSquared can Drive Results 

The industry is calling for long-term solutions and is looking for ways to keep its drivers satisfied. Here at eSquared we take finding solutions seriously. We partner with the leading ELD providersall the major mobile carriers, and the top vehicle mounting and accessory providers to procure the right software, device, and mount for your fleet. Your drivers will receive their provisioned devices and additional hardware, fully ready for in-cab use. 

Not enough? What really will set you apart is using our secret weapon; mobile device management services. The right MDM service can help keep your drivers happy without compromising security and with the bonus of remote support. 

Offer your drivers streaming, gaming, and recreational privileges on their devices without the worry with, MDM speed control. This safety setting shuts down specified apps when the truck is in motion to eliminate distractions. Have secured browsers, house important documents, and distribute positive messaging to your team with ease! 

Not to mention, we offer a 24/7 help desk team to support your drivers with any technical issues or troubleshooting needsKeep the drivers you have happy and entice new drivers to your fleet with top-notch ELD software, the latest devices, and recreational apps and features all while ensuring security and productivity!  Contact us to set yourself apart from the competition!