Leave 3G Behind and Leverage Advanced Fleet Management Tools

Gone are the old days of fleet management using paper schedules, complicated spreadsheets, and other unreliable methods. Freight and shipping requirements today are far more complex, which makes fleet management more difficult and expensive.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. eSquared Communication Consulting is equipping organizations with fleet management and advanced industry tools that achieve a variety of goals, including reduced costs, increased fleet productivity, and regulatory compliance.

To do this, we partner with all major carriers and all of the top ELD providers.

Benefits of Advanced Fleet Management Tools

Different organizations have their own goals for their fleets. A good example today may be Amazon’s fleet of vehicles delivering packages versus any vehicle delivering COVID-19 vaccines to vaccination sites. One is focused primarily on delivering as many packages as possible. The other has restrictive cold-chain requirements and must be coordinated in a complex, recurring ballet of thousands of sites across the country.

However, different as these logistical efforts may be in terms of their primary goals, there are similar categories of improvement that could be achieved.

Advanced Fleet Management can:

  • Reduce Costs – By building efficiency into a fleet at every level, maintaining quality along the logistical chain doesn’t necessarily have to come at the cost of increased spend.
  • Increase Visibility – Understanding where each and every vehicle is down to tracking products themselves allows for fleets to be far more versatile, adaptable, and also secure.
  • Improve Fleet Productivity – Efficient fleet management means not only improved quality for the same cost, but also gains in the amount of freight that can actually be moved.
  • Gain Compliance – Federal, state, local, and industry standards can only be kept in check when a fleet is connected and fully integrated together. With powerful monitoring and tracking tools, for example, it’s easier to see where compliance risks may arise.

What eSquared Provides

Through our partnerships with the top ELD providers, we offer world-leading telematics and best-in-class workflow and TMS integrations that tackle the range of challenges a modern fleet could face. From partnering with all major carriers, we can provide a suite of custom tools, 24/7 support, hardware tools like AI-powered cameras, and even in-cab coaching—all backed by military-grade data encryption and FedRAMP certification. Beyond the tools themselves, human-level support can mean the difference between successful fleet management and a mess of inefficiency. Using sophisticated data analytics powered by Google and innovative hardware like the GO9+ telematics tool that increases fleet connectivity, we are able to help fleets of any size meet their goals.

Like most industries, the challenges of 2020 changed the logistical landscape and introduced new obstacles. However, firms utilizing powerful telematics and fleet management tools were able to adapt and stay efficient.