IT Best Practices—Office Managers Are NOT Tech Support

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There’s nothing quite like the work of a professional tradesman. Whether it’s plumbing, HVAC, or electrical work, there’s a massive responsibility resting on the shoulders of people working for field service companies. The work strikes an intense balance of manual labor and technical assignments. How does a technician manage everything? From managing quotes to coordinating timelines, it takes a variety of skills to complete a job in the field service industry.

Today, technology plays a pivotal role in a technician’s day-to-day operations. When they’re in the field, they need more than just a set of hand tools. Commercial contractors often have their hands tied with varying responsibilities, so they need a reliable database they can use to access projects and customer information from anywhere on the jobsite. A rugged device with custom office management software can help streamline your work, but it needs enough support to help technicians overcome any hurdles. Between connectivity issues, equipment malfunctions, and software glitches, technicians already deal with too many hiccups in the field. 

The best solution is a fully managed help desk and mobile device management program. Let’s dive into the advantages of each service:

Mobile Device Management

Field technicians need software to keep their business on the cutting edge. Field service management (FSM) software is a valuable tool for all aspects of the business. It eliminates paper, consolidates processes, and allows your team to operate more efficiently. The best part is that a good FSM system can be operated from any location. Powered by a rugged mobile device, users can secure four critical advantages through a cloud-based system:

1. Improve Productivity

Save time in the field and in the office. With instant access to daily appointments and critical account information, your techs have the data prepared to do their job the moment they reach the jobsite. Users can easily track materials, document images, and log checklist items directly into the app. Finally, your tech can generate customer invoices for simplified reporting.

2. Streamlined Operations

Effective communication is one of the most important elements in a field technician’s job. To make the operation successful, you need detailed transparent communication between everyone involved in the project. A mobile device gives a service tech the opportunity to convert important information in real-time. All data is transmitted to an office staff member to distribute to the necessary people involved in the assignment. Since office techs can track the status of each job, they can also easily make an adjustment as needed. Whether it’s a schedule change or new location data, your team has the intel to fulfill the project smoothly.

3. Better Customer Experiences

The popularity of mobile devices completely transformed the customer service experience. Now, access to critical information is just a tap away. With a single click, users can access customer data that unlocks instant gratification. From real-time text updates to appointment schedules, the user experience helps accelerate the details a customer needs to know. As a result, expect a faster response time, positive experience, and returning customers.

4. Data Accuracy

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a manual data entry. Not only is the process dated, but it’s also extremely inefficient and, most times, inaccurate. FSM systems are programmed to simplify the process. With a mobile app, your business can go paperless. Eliminate waste and free yourself from the worry of inputting data following appointments. The most important part is that all data is stored safely. Techs can securely capture payments, customer signatures, and special instructions with just a few taps.

Fully Managed Helpdesk Support

Remote helpdesk support is essential to solving problems, even when in the service field. Although a rugged mobile device is a reliable instrument, it’s not guaranteed to work perfectly at all times. For insurance purposes, it’s best to trust a partner who’s able to help you maintain complete stability of each device. 

A managed service provider works around the clock to ensure your devices are always working the way they’re supposed to. With the right partner, you’ll never be stuck in the field without proper technical support. When issues arise, just dial in to the helpdesk to troubleshoot the situation. They analyze the problem, neutralize threats, and activate recovery efforts, so you can focus on what’s most important—delivering a service that makes a difference. All disputes are managed in real-time, leaving you with more uptime, higher productivity, and increased satisfaction all around.

Remote helpdesk support is applied extremely fast. Most issues can be resolved in a timely manner with little to no downtime. Choose higher productivity, fast and effective assistance, and long-term cost savings with a partnership that keeps your systems running at an optimal level. Whether you’re inspecting an infrastructure, repairing a plumbing fixture, or handling an electrical assignment, a fully managed helpdesk will help make the service experience easier.

We’re Here to Help

Never get stuck in the field without assistance again. Trust eSquared Communication Consulting to guide you down a road towards long-term efficiency. With us, you have a dedicated team of problem solvers working relentlessly to keep your operation functioning at its best. When issues arise, we have a team of technicians available 24/7 to troubleshoot the situation. Feel secure knowing that the right professionals are always in your corner with around-the-clock support.

For a flexible managed service that aligns with your needs, contact our experts to get started. Our team is happy to customize blocks of support specifically suited for your needs. All pricing is subject to change based on current promotions and availability. For complete details, send us a message so we can arrange a consultation with a certified expert.