How eCycling Saves You Money

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve all heard the mantra. In recent years, consumers and companies have grappled with how the saying applies to electronic waste, or eWaste. Reusing and repurposing old devices can reduce the number of new devices that hit the market. Unusable devices are still full of valuable resources, including copper, precious metals, and other minerals. Recycling them makes sense, too. Welcome to the world of eCycling—a service that can help you save money and the planet without costing you extra.  

What is eCycling? 

eCycling is the reuse and recycling of eWaste, including smartphones, tablets, and wearable tech. Devices in working order are refurbished and sold to organizations or people who need them. Devices that are obsolete or broken can be dismantled (known in the business as demanufactured) or shredded for parts and materials, which are then sold in secondary markets. Collectively, the materials in unused devices around the world are worth a whopping $57 billion annually. 

So, where does all this eCycling material go? If devices are reusable, many eCycling companies refurbish and resell or donate them to people in need. eCycling materials are turned into new devices or other products. For example, Apple, Dell, and other tech giants are developing manufacturing processes that can accommodate recycled rare earth metals and rare earth magnets. Other companies use the resin powder from shredded components as material for new products, such as baskets and trash cans. 

What are the benefits of eCycling? 

Numerous! The most obvious benefit is that eCycling devices conserve natural resources, especially nonrenewable ones that are difficult to extract. This not only benefits the environment, but it also reduces the exploitation of people working in dangerous, low-wage jobs to mine rare earth minerals and metals. What’s more, eCycling keeps the materials in your old devices, many of which are environmentally hazardous and pose health risks, out of landfills.  

eCycling also creates jobs in your area. Most cities have at least one eCycling company that will haul, dismantle, and resell eWaste. Old electronics can also benefit low-income families, nonprofits, schools, and others in need of affordable devices.  

Increasingly, eCycling offers financial benefits, especially for corporations that need to update their devices regularly. Since eCyclers make money off the sale of old devices and eCycled materials, many of them offer payments or credits to corporations that use their services.  

How do I start an eCycling program at my company? 

Getting an eCycling program started at your company is simple. Start by researching eCycling companies in your area. Ask them if they offer a corporate buyback program.  

For eSquared customers, the process is even easier. We can handle the entire process for you as part of our turnkey solution. We offer eCycling to our customers at no additional cost to them. Through our partner Tetchy Tech, we even offer credits for eCycling qualified old or obsolete devices, which are credited directly to your account. For the convenience and savings, this free service creates for you, we take a small percentage of any payout you earn.  

eCycling helps you save a little money and save the planet without costing you extra. To learn more about your eCycling options, contact the eSquared team today.