Construction SaaS Solutions Can Help Contractors Stay on Top of Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues have roiled the construction industry for more than a year. Nearly every contractor has experienced the headache of waiting for materials to ship from abroad or having domestic materials delayed because a raw material is unavailable. It can be tough to keep inventory straight, not to mention manage customer expectations and timelines.  

That’s why many companies have adopted construction SaaS solutions for their supply chain challenges. This presents an opportunity for SaaS providers to help their construction customers stay on top of their inventory and keep their projects on track, even when the supply chain is unreliable.  

Understanding the Supply Chain Issue  

Before we dig into how SaaS can help construction companies with supply chain issues, here’s the low-down on what contractors have been experiencing over the last year or so. In a 2021 study, 63 percent of construction businesses reported waiting much longer for raw materials than they had in years past. Nearly half of respondents reported they had at least six to ten projects that were delayed due to supply chain issues. To deal with the uncertainty, many had decided to implement inventory management programs in-house or outsourced to a third party.

How Construction SaaS Solutions Can Help  

That’s where SaaS solutions come in. Many SaaS providers already support contractors with construction management solutions and other productivity tools. Supply chain SaaS software offers even more opportunity to provide a solution for a major construction pain point.  

Construction companies that have implemented supply chain software have found that these construction SaaS solutions save them money and headaches. First, supply chain management software can reduce operational costs. It provides a real-time dashboard so contractors can see exactly which materials they have and monitor their movement in and out of their warehouse.  

Second, construction SaaS solutions that focus on supply chain issues can help companies provide more accurate estimates, something that has been increasingly difficult given the volatile supply chain and labor environments. Both of these benefits save construction companies money in the long run because contractors can set more realistic and attainable expectations and timelines for customers.

Your Software, Our Support 

Supply chain and other construction SaaS solutions work best when they are deployed across a fleet of mobile devices. Warehouse workers and project managers alike need phones and tablets to put your software at their fingertips.  

With eSquared as your turnkey partner, you can rely on us to provide exceptional device procurement, deployment, and ongoing support to your customers. With our support, you can avoid getting bogged down in non-software-related issues that slow down your process.   

To learn more on how we can partner with you to provide a seamless hardware experience for your construction SaaS customers, contact the eSquared team today.