Choosing Mobile Devices for Construction

There are dozens of device options if you’re looking to mobilize your Construction business. It’s important to equip your technicians with the right devices to withstand the elements of working in the field. When choosing mobile devices for construction, consider:

1. Portability of the Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are inherently portable (the word “mobile” is in their name, after all!), but that doesn’t mean that every device is ideal for use on a construction site. The ideal mobile device for construction has a long battery life and is on a reliable cellular network so workers can connect to essential software, at any jobsite.  

When choosing mobile devices for your crew, look for devices with batteries that can last through multiple shifts. This will cut back on downtime and costs, as you will not need to invest in multiple devices to make up for poor battery life. As for the cellular network, eSquared can help you find the most reliable network in your area, so you never lose touch with your team. We can also help you explore connectivity solutions that allow you to host your own wireless network on the job site.

2. Durability

Durability is a top priority for construction firms that are choosing new mobile devices. Ruggedized devices are the best choice for many construction environments. These devices are built to withstand drops, hard blows, temperature changes, spills, and dust. The eSquared team often recommends the ruggedized Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 or the Galaxy Tab Active3. Both feature robust aluminum backs and tough glass fronts. The Tab Active3 goes above and beyond with military-compliant resistance to water and dust. If it’s good enough for the US military, we bet it will stand up to anything your construction job site can throw at it.

3. User Friendliness

User-friendliness should be another factor in your mobile device purchasing decision. The operating system and software installed on your devices are as important as your hardware. Operating systems should be fast and intuitive to use. The Samsung devices we mention above run on the Android operating system, which is a reliable choice for many construction firms. Mobile devices should be loaded with all the apps your team needs to complete their work, from your construction management software and punch list apps to building calculators and project management tools.  

4. Cost & Billing

While site managers and crews care most about portability, durability, and user-friendliness, your CFO’s top concern is cost. How much will the investment in new mobile devices cost your company, and how is your company billed for the initial investment in devices and its monthly wireless network subscription?  

As you might imagine, cost varies greatly depending on how many mobile devices you need to support. At eSquared, our mobile device management experts have negotiated the best deals with device manufacturers and network carriers. We offer a single dashboard for invoicing, tracking, and billing, even when you work with multiple carriers. Our team manages the entire process for you, from importing billing data and cost code allocation to handling any billing disputes that may arise. Get in touch with us to explore what your investment in mobile devices may be.

5. Mobile Device Management

Another top concern for construction firms is how they will manage the procurement, kitting, and support for their mobile devices. Mobile device management is a full-time job all on its own, which is why many companies choose to outsource these tasks to experts. The eSquared team offers turnkey mobile device management services. We can procure and set up your devices to be ready out of the box, support devices in the field with our award-winning, 24/7 help desk, and help you manage your billing. Our mobile device management software gives you a birds-eye view of your mobile assets from a single dashboard.

6. Mobile Device Servicing

Providing kitted mobile devices isn’t enough. With mobile devices, as with all technology, issues will arise, from malfunctioning devices to lost or stolen phones and tablets. Rather than troubleshoot these issues yourself, you can trust the award-winning eSquared help desk to work directly with your crew members to resolve their issues quickly and completely. Our expert team is on-call 24/7. 

Choosing the right mobile devices for your construction crew is a big decision. Get help from the experts to take the guesswork out of your investment. To learn more about your mobile device options, get in touch with the eSquared team today.