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Mobile devices have not only changed our personal lives, but they have also changed our professional lives. An ever increasing number of businesses have turned to mobile devices to carry out their various operations. The adoption of mobile technology has improved business productivity, while also providing the workforce a higher level of flexibility. But what are the best ways to use mobile devices that allow your business to get the most out of them? Improving

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

Posted by Dani Thompson on  December 25, 2020

Every year, the biggest tech giants in the smartphone industry release a new iteration of their popular flagship phones. And hungry for information, we wait with bated breath for an announcement that gives us details on how this year’s phone builds upon the previous year’s hardware and software. New phone announcements normally boil down to a slightly better camera, sharper screens, new features, and maybe a gimmick or two. However, Apple’s announcement of the iPhone

A SaaS Program You Can Trust

Posted by Dani Thompson on  December 22, 2020

Don’t get slowed down by firmware-related issues. Let eSquared optimize your infrastructure with a turnkey solution that brings life to your mobile devices. If you’re just starting to explore the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS), you came to the right place. Essentially, SaaS is a way of delivering applications over the internet. Instead of installing and maintaining separate software models, you can simply access everything you need online. These web-based programs are hosted
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active3 – The Field-Based Worker’s Dream If you loved the Tab Active2, then Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab Active3 will whisk you away. It’s every field-based worker’s dream. It’s built for performance and productivity with the brute strength to withstand today’s mobile workforce. This isn’t your average tablet; this tablet was designed to get things done with ease. It has improved touch sensitivity, durability, and upgraded performance to support applications for the employee on the go. Whether it’s in the hands of a first responder or
FBI Reports Show ELD Hacking is on the Rise – Is your Fleet Protected? As more and more trucking and fleet operations move online and toward remote management, owners and operators aren’t the only ones reaping the rewards. Online hackers are finding ways to exploit ELD systems (electronic logging devices) with devastating consequences. This is why having a trusted MDM solutions partner like eSquared is key to protecting your mobile devices. eSquared’s technical experts can