Are Your In-Cab Tools Getting the Job Done?

Commercial and private fleets constantly face state and federal regulations and pressures which can be burdensome to truck drivers. Due to these regulations and ELD mandates, fleets have had to lean on technology to create solutions that aid operators and drivers.  

Between driving and resting, many drivers spend 70+ hours a week inside their cab. It’s not only the space where they conduct business but also, it’s often where they rest, eat, and sleep while on long hauls. For these reasons and many more, the right accessories have become crucial for truck drivers. The issue, however, is finding devices and accessories that check off all their needs. Finding a solution that can be customized is invaluable to fleets and here’s why.  

Tools Every Driver Needs 

It’s critical for drivers to have the latest tools to maintain safety and compliance, navigate their routes and conduct business related calls, logging, and reporting. The three main in-cab tools all truck drivers need are: 

Mobile Devices:

Having a smartphone or tablet is imperative to conducting business while on the road. Drivers have ELD requirements that track mileage, activity, inactivity, and other compliance related data. Without a reliable mobile device, drivers would not be able to log essential information. Not only that, mobile devices allow drivers to use GPS to navigate their routes, scan freight, make emergency calls, and can be a source of entertainment when resting.  

Device Cases:

Having a secure case to protect your drivers’ mobile device isn’t just a good idea, it’s vital to the longevity of the device. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, it needs to always remain in a protective case. Drivers use their devices when taking breaks and resting to watch movies, play games, and enjoy other forms of entertainment. Thus, increasing the chances of the device being dropped. If a bare phone is dropped it can crack the screen, hard surfaces, and even internal components which can render the device useless.  

Cradles & Mounts:

Having a mount in the cab is an absolute necessity for drivers. Mounts secure mobile devices in eyesight for easy viewing, limiting the time eyes are off the road. Mounts also need to be within drivers’ arms reach, to limit shifts in position and create easy access to touch screens. Not only do they keep drivers in compliance with state and federal laws, but they also create a more comfortable ride.  

Sourcing the Right Tools  

Finding the right device, case, and mount that all work together can be tricky. It can also be challenging to wrangle the three to five different vendors needed to make the whole solution work. Choosing a device with the right service and data plan is a pain. Not to mention finding affordable devices that fit all of your drivers’ needs can be time consuming and stressful, especially if buying in bulk. Then you must find cases and mounts that will fit the device. It’s important that the mount being used does not block visibility or cause distractions from faulty grasps. Another major factor in finding the right mount, is knowing that it is built to last. The last thing a driver needs is their mount to lose its grip or break and fall while they are on the road.  

When it comes to vehicle mounts, phones, tablets, GPS units, and other devices, it’s important they all work seamlessly together. However, the odds that one vendor offers a turnkey solution is slim. There are many vendors that create products for fleets, but they typically specialize in only one or two of the tools needed. 

When sourcing tools, the budget is often at the forefront of the decision-making process. To find the most cost-efficient tools across different vendors, you must do extensive research and pull multiple quotes. You’ll then have multiple vendors to contact when something goes wrong. Finding a turnkey solution that can be customized is invaluable to fleets and truly the only way to go. Why waste time and money searching through tools from multiple vendors when you can get everything you need from one source? 

Customized Turnkey Solutions 

eSquared Communication Consulting CAN offer a customized turnkey solution to cover all of your fleet’s needs. We partner with all major mobile carriers and manufacturers to procure you an unbiased selection of smartphones and tablets. We also work with accessory manufacturers such as ProClip, RAM, GPS Lockbox, Arkon, and more to keep devices secure and accessible in the cab. 

eSquared will find the perfect case and mount for whatever device you choose to use. We have access to a customizable suite of products. Such as different locking options for added security, several charging options, and a wide variety of dependable mounting bases, device cases, cradles, and ball and socket systems that provide adjustability and vibration control. 

We offer extremely customizable and flexible solutions so that drivers can get granular with how they want to interact with their in-cab tools. By partnering with and supporting all major carriers and manufacturers, we can pull the best and most affordable options from each to add ease and comfort to your drivers’ rides. 

When we say turnkey, we truly mean it! We also partner with leading transportation software developers to refer ELD and Mobile Device Management software. We can assure asset safety and storage space by storing your assets in our warehouse. We will ship your assets completely ready right out of the box. To add the cherry on top, we have an award-winning 24/7 help desk to provide ongoing support for your software, devices, and device accessories.

Ready to customize your fleet’s in-cab tools for easy riding? Contact us today!