A Field Technician’s Ultimate Guide to Mobile Rugged Technology

Why Rugged Mobile Devices are the Right Resources for Field Technicians

Today’s field service technicians juggle various tasks in their day-to-day. For work in non-linear environments, the cost of execution is challenged by multiple barriers. The job is rigorous and often hindered by inclement weather and other labor-intensive variables. 

Whether you’re a plumber, an HVAC tech, or an electrician, you can only do so much without the right technology. Fortunately, there is a solution—rugged mobile device technology. These modern, all-in-one solutions are the key to accomplishing important tasks. With the right device, field technicians also have an instrument powerful enough to streamline scheduling and communication.

From tablets to PDAs, there’s a convenient, ultra-rugged system available for your line of work. Let’s analyze the most important details, starting with a comprehensive definition. 

What Is Rugged Mobile Technology?

Rugged technology has been around for over 40 years. In the late 1970s, rugged computer systems were introduced during the spawn of the PC industry. Fast forward to 2021, rugged resources are staples for field service technicians everywhere. These hand-held devices are specifically designed for labor-intensive settings and tough environmental conditions. They’re durable and shock-resistant, and they have a better survival rate than other commercial-grade electronics. 

These days, most computer systems are built with ruggedized amenities for field activity. Its primary features include magnesium or aluminum casings, shock-mounted disk drives, waterproof and backlit keyboards, and sunlight-readable displays.

8 Key Advantages of Rugged Mobile Devices

1. Device Longevity

While traditional computers and tablets carry a lifespan of 2–3 years, rugged technology is built to last anywhere from 4–6 years. Just like its long-lasting hardware, rugged mobile solutions offer one of the strongest battery capacities. So what does this all mean? Less shopping, more time to focus on your craft, and various cost savings, but we’ll get to that soon.

2. Durability 

Engineered out of high-quality, durable products, rugged devices provide a safe solution in virtually any setting. These robust resources can absorb the impact of a fall, resist water, and curb the buildup of dust. The rugged hardware and durable touchscreen can be dropped, submerged in fluid, and subject to extreme temperatures without damage.

3. Less Maintenance 

Since rugged devices are the most durable, they can withstand the impact that other electronics can’t. What does that mean? Let’s just say, you won’t have to worry much about maintenance and repairs. These devices are as close as you can get to indestructible. With the added versatility of a rugged device, there is minimal chance of failure, enabling your staff to stay productive for longer lengths of time.

4. Cost Savings

Although the initial price is higher, the overall cost of ownership with rugged devices is significantly lower than other mobile technologies. The lower your costs, the more you can stretch your budget to ensure the best available technology is being used in the field. As a business, this also means there is a minimum amount of downtime—again helping your company save money in the long run.

5. Longer Warranties 

It’s always best to have support just in case the worst-case scenario does happen. Rugged devices are often covered by standard warranties ranging from three to five years, and they sometimes include accidental damage protection at no extra charge. 

6. Temperature Resistance

Rugged devices can withstand some of the most extreme temperatures. Whether your employees are in a hot warehouse or cold freezer, their tablets won’t stop working. It’s best to adopt these resources if much of your workday is exposed to extreme climates. You’ll notice less downtime and optimal customer service in various settings. 

7. Usability features

Rugged technology offers a better overall user experience. Each device is exclusively designed with your operation in mind. It’s a practical tool for various tasks. Whether you’re bouncing from job sites, tending to electrical issues, or patching up a plumbing problem, rugged tablets offer a collection of functions to help with each objective. Sunlight readability reduces screen glare, soft-touch screens can be used with gloves, and the tough exterior provides a stable grip for each user. 

8. Higher Performance Processing

Rugged devices do more than just protect against bumps and spills. They also boast impressive processing power. Unlike consumer devices, users can customize rugged tablets based on the specific requirements of their business. The flexibility prevents data crashes and adds a higher bandwidth for various tasks. Basically, this means you can manage more from your systems. If you want a reliable tablet that works more efficiently in the field, a rugged system is the optimal solution for your day-to-day operations.

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