5G and the Mobility Industry: What to Expect

5G is here, and it’s up to 10 times faster than current LTE-4G networks. With this vast improvement in connectivity, the switch to 5G will have an enormous effect on trucking, transportation, and the mobility industry generally. Are you and your fleet ready?  

The switch to 5G will provide numerous benefits for fleets and the mobility industry. The network features higher bandwidths and faster data transmission than previous versions. This offers users a highly reliable network with low latency and expanded data capacity. To take advantage of these improvements, companies that operate fleets will need to switch out older hardware that is not compatible with 5G. This includes many LTE-4G devices and all 3G devices, which are becoming obsolete across all wireless networks at the end of 2022.  

5G’s Influence on Trucking and Logistics 

Trucking and logistics fleets will benefit greatly from the switch to 5G. The new network will improve data transmission reliability and speed not only between fleet vehicles, but between vehicles and the infrastructure around them. This includes the sensors on bridges, roadways, and traffic lights. Faster, more reliable connections between vehicles and infrastructure improves safety, as drivers can receive real-time updates on road conditions.  

As a result, 5G will increase a company’s visibility of and control over the flow of goods while keeping tabs on important metrics like fuel consumption, speed, and idle time. To take advantage of these benefits, fleet companies will need to upgrade their hardware to 5G-compatible devices 

5G’s Influence on EVs 

Gartner predicts that the automotive industry will represent 53 percent of the total 5G IoT market in 2023. This illustrates the significant influence 5G will have on both the passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle market. 

The electric vehicle (EV) market in particular will benefit from the upgrades and improvements 5G provides. EVs rely on data to perform optimally, and 5G makes data sharing fast and reliable. The switch to 5G will encourage more innovation and investment in EV models in both the passenger car and commercial markets. This investment will also lead to the expansion of the infrastructure needed to support EVs on the road, such as charging stations.  

5G’s Influence on Autonomous Vehicles 

The switch to 5G will also lead to more innovation and investment in autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles rely on 5G to operate safely. They use the network to share data, communicate with each other, and receive data from transportation infrastructure. 

The fast, reliable data connection 5G provides helps improve road safety as more autonomous vehicles hit the streets. When autonomous vehicles receive and transmit data in real-time, they can react immediately to pedestrians as well as other vehicles on the road. 

Upgrading to 5G 

Making the switch to 5G is easy with the right mobility partner. The eSquared team has the expertise and relationships with hardware and network providers to find the ideal solution for your fleet. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you upgrade to 5G and improve your operations.